Customized Wheelchairs Can And Will Be Built

It has already happened. No longer are athletes classified as paraplegics competing in events remote from those classified as able bodied, they are having a fair crack at it in the same event. It was an historic occasion to see a paraplegic athlete advance quite far in track rounds at an Olympic meet some years ago. You could just say that this has something to do with modern technologies today. The paraplegic sportsman or woman is able to compete as close to levels normally only enjoyed by, well, normal athletes.

but to be fair to the athletes themselves, and without any disrespect shown to the great entrepreneurs and engineers of our time, does this not have more to do with the courage that these special men and women have, levels of which would easily see them palm in gold medals. It remains pleasing to see a modest crowd of wheelchair athletes take on the giants at the world famous city marathons. The giants, in this case, are not the record breakers, but the narrow, winding streets they have to negotiate.

It is even more a case of joy to the world when you see small children being equipped with what can best be described as customized wheelchairs for kids. The reality for many of these kids is that, as advanced as medical science is these days; many of them will still not be able to walk the streets or malls like we do. Every special kid has a special need. Each to his or her own. And so it becomes necessary to customize a wheelchair for him or her just so.

customized wheelchairs for kids

The beauty of it is that such wheelchairs can and are being built. And maybe one of these little ones will be driving Formula One in the not too distant future.